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RebeccaMindy’s program (Discover Your Worth, Live Your Truth) came into my life at precisely the right moment! God knew what I needed waaaay better than what I thought I needed.  Through the personal calls, group calls, tools, talks, lectures, books, writing assignments, declarations, etc.,  I feel now that I can ACT (instead of RE-ACT) for myself and CHOOSE my life’s path.  This is incredible freedom!  I can BE the person I’ve always wanted to be—and more!! And even better than that, I have found my Father in Heaven once again, and I can feel his love and peace in my heart on a daily basis!! -Rebecca Webb

It always amazed me that Mindy could send me the exact information I needed to fix whatever problem I was having. I think she is one of the most inspired people that I know. Whenever I was having a particularly bad day, I would receive I email or a phone call or a video that would change my life forever. She has brought me and my family immeasurable joy and happiness; but it’s not just that, somehow Mindy has revolutionized my life indefinitely. With the tools she gives you it is almost impossible to feel anything but joy. I have experienced a paradigm shift in my thoughts and actions so entirely that I know I will never be the same again. My life of confusion and suffering has now been replaced with love and knowledge and courage inside so strong that I know I can accomplish anything if I really truly Ask, Believe, and Receive. -E.C.

Mindy gave me powerful ideas that gave me hope for some thorny problems in my life. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. I felt great energy coming from her as she listened to me, helping me to identify what answers I might already know to help me. She also spent time teaching me about helpful concepts that I didn’t already know about.
Mindy helps women find joy in their lives. She knows all about being stuck in hard experiences, like depression, financial troubles, health problems, and marital stress. She has found joy and clarity and now finds joy in helping other women breakthrough the clouds of negative emotions. - C. S.

You always had such good, intuitive counsel. The tools you gave me have
drastically altered my life. I will be forever grateful! – M