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 Episode 4 – Improve Your Results By Mastering Your Thoughts  Episode 3 – Shame – How it’s
Hurting You and
What to Do About It
Episode 2 – Our Thoughts Make
All the Difference
 We all know we need to manage our thoughts, however when you understand the Thought Cycle and exactly how your thoughts are directly creating your results you are then empowered to use the Thought Cycle to change and improve your results in all areas of your life!  We all experience shame. Learn what it is, how it harms us and how to identify it and choose love instead to heal your heart and relationships.  In this episode you’ll learn 3 concepts about understanding how our brain works and how our thoughts create our emotions and effect our actions is vital to feeling joy and having connected relationships. Plus I’ll give you examples so you can see how to apply this in your life.


 Episode 1 – What is Joy?
 What is joy and how do we find it more consistently in our own lives?