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Episode 13 – The Myth of Protecting Yourself When we’ve been hurt it’s easy to shut off our emotions or close our hearts in an effort to protect ourselves from more pain. Maybe you’ve even done this without realizing it. However doing this actually causes it’s own pain. Discover if you are doing this, how it is effecting you and what to do to actually have deep joy and love. Plus a bonus on how you knowing this benefits your kids!
Episode 12 – The Big Picture Episode 11 – We Get What We Focus On   Episode 10 – Managing Other People’s Emotions
Is living a life of peace, joy, thriving relationships and reaching your goals really possible? It’s nice in theory or to aim for but day to day stress, obligations, pressure and trials make surviving and barely making it through more of a reality for most people. So what do you do? How does one move from surviving to thriving? And what does that way of living even look like? Find out in this episode! Our perceptions dictate how we feel, act and the results we get. Yet too often we aren’t fully aware of our perceptions. Learn how to identify your perceptions and exactly what you are focusing on and how it is creating your life experience. Then you will be empowered to change it to get the results you long for! Often we don’t realize we are doing it but we are trying to manage other peoples emotions. How they feel, what they think, what they do, how they see us and themselves…there are so many ways we do it! And the truth is it is hurting our relationships and it is very stressful! So listen in to discover how and why we do this, the real consequences of it and how to stop! You’ll be so glad you did, and so will your loved ones!