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Episode 18 – Revelation and Feeling the Spirit Episode 17 – Are You Doing Too Much? aka – Are you busy and stressed?   Episode 16 – Feeling Your Feelings, Natural vs. Optional Emotions and Pain
Where are you in your personal relationship with Heavenly Father and your Savior? Do you receive personal revelation? Do you recognize and feel the Holy Spirit often? If not, you are not alone. This episode gives you some ideas of what your spiritual relationship can really be like, how to evaluate where you are now, what may be in the way and how to strengthen it for more peace, joy, confidence and Spiritual influence and guidance. Are you frazzled, stressed out, or busy, busy, busy? Maybe you just want to know how to connect more with loved ones. This episode is for you! Learn how to to determine why you are doing so much and to evaluate if in all the doing you are really connecting deeply with loved ones or simply existing in the same space. Then earn what to do to change your results for more joy and stronger relationships! Did you know painful emotions can be optional? Really! When you learn to feel and acknowledge your feelings and emotions you are empowered to discern which ones are natural and need attention and which are optional and can be dismissed. Learn how in this episode plus I give you real examples and teach you how to teach your kids to have healthy emotions!